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Mission Viejo, CA
Better Business Bureau – Poor Rating
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YourCreditAttorney is actually Centurion Law Firm based in Mission Viejo, CA. and has been doing business as a credit repair company since 2003. They are an actual law firm and have about 25,000 clients according to their website. They claim to have tackled every type of problem that could appear on a credit report. However, they do not dispute items with creditors also know as creditor interventions.


YourCreditAttorney is similar to eCreditAttorney and considers themselves to be the low-priced credit repair leader. They appear to be a bare bones no-frills credit repair law firm, providing clients with access to a mix of attorneys, paralegals, and customer service agents.


The website is clean, professional and gets the job done. However, they do not do much in providing any consumer education.


YourCreditAttorney has a poor rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Exclusive 7 Point Review

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1. Lexington Law Firm

Lexington received the highest rating in each of our categories. They consistently out perform the competition through innovation and world class customer service. Having helped over 500,000 to date and offices nationwide, Lexington law is the oldest and most reputable Credit Repair Organization in business today. We strongly recommend their service!

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2. DSI Solutions

DSI offers a unique approach to the credit repair model by only charging three monthly payments of $89. Because of this structure, they are incentivized to clean up your credit report quickly. They also offer a very customized service tailored to the needs of the client. DSI is great choice for help in improving your credit!

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3. Ovation Law

Ovation is a rising star among credit repair. While they are relatively new, they offer a very comprehensive service combined with competent customer service. While on the higher end of the price scale after all the fees are added in, they still enjoy relatively good customer feedback.

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